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Buggy 600cc

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Rent Buggy Santorini. We ensure that when you book with our rental company your holidays it will be nice and easy! The reason?? Because all our vehicles is at top condition and is also automatic that means if you rent atv or you rent buggy or even you rent a scooter you dont need about changing gear you just press the accelarator and you are ready to GO! Simple and easy you will explore the paradise of santorini with service 24/7!! What are you waiting for Rent Buggy  santorini now!

Getting started

– Drivers must be over 21 years old. – A valid driving license is required for at least one year. – The driving license can be issued by Greece, the European Union or the driver can have a valid International Driving License (IDP).
The lessee must return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel he received. In case of receipt of the vehicle with less petrol than the starting petrol, the customer is charged the fuel difference. No refund is given if the vehicle is returned with more fuel than received.
Third-party insurance is included in all rentals. If you have an accident that was your fault, your insurance will cover the loss of any vehicle or third-party property, but damage to your vehicle will not be covered.
The tenant’s liability for damage to the rental vehicle can be reduced to a minimum of 1100€ for Buggy, 450cc and 325cc ATV, 850€ for 310cc ATV, 750€ for ATV 170cc and 200cc, 500 € for any Scooter model.