Rental Terms.


Bookings: All bookings are checked and then you receive a confirmation mail if the driver details meet the rental requirements and the vehicle is available. All bookings are made by category and not by a specific model. In case of non-availability of a confirmed booking, KOLETSIS RENTALS reserves the right to provide the customer with a larger category vehicle at no charge to the customer.


– Drivers must be over 21 years old.

– A valid driving license is required for at least one year.

– The driving license can be issued by Greece, the European Union or the driver can have a valid International Driving License (IDP).

Americans traveling abroad can get an international driving permit at their local AAA office. For more info check out their website here:

– The driver must have a valid credit card to make a booking


Fuel: The lessee must return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel he received. In case of receipt of the vehicle with less petrol than the starting petrol, the customer is charged the fuel difference. No refund is given if the vehicle is returned with more fuel than received.

Cancellations: The reservation must be canceled at least 5 days before the scheduled start of the rental of the vehicle. If you wish to cancel a reservation, the only acceptable method is by sending an email to () and receiving an email from our company that we received the email you sent us.

The following charges will apply to booking cancellations:

In case of cancellation notice received at least 5 days before the scheduled start of the vehicle rental, all money will be refunded.

In case of cancellation which is received from 24 hours and up to 5 days before the scheduled start of the rental, there is a charge of one day of rental.

In case of cancellation, which is received less than 24 hours before the scheduled start of the rental, no refund will be given.


Deliveries – Receipts outside business hours:

For deliveries – receipts from 22:00 until 23:59 there is a charge of 10€.

For deliveries – receipts from 00:00 until 08:01 there is a charge of 20€.

Deliveries – Receipts outside stations: Deliveries and receipts outside stations vary depending on the point.

INSURANCE: Third-party insurance is included in all rentals. If you have an accident that was your fault, your insurance will cover the loss of any vehicle or third-party property, but damage to your vehicle will not be covered.

– It is strictly forbidden for customers to ride with more than 2 people on an ATV or Scooter. Riding with more than 2 people on an ATV or Scooter will result in a fine of 350 euros from the customer.

**** EXCLUSIVE DAMAGES (CDW): The tenant’s liability for damage to the rental vehicle can be reduced to a minimum of 1100€ for Buggy, 450cc and 325cc ATV, 850€ for 310cc ATV, 750€ for ATV 170cc and 200cc, 500 € for any Scooter model.


The Conflict Relief (CDW) does not cover:

  1. a) Damage caused intentionally or by the carelessness of the driver.
  2. b) Injuries caused when the driver is drunk, under the influence of drugs.
  3. c) Damage to the engine caused by driving in water.
  4. d) Damage that occurs while driving the car.


The vehicle must not be used or operated:

  1. A) By a person other than an authorized driver, as provided in this agreement.
  2. B) For the transfer of persons or real estate for compensation.
  3. C) From any person under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other toxic substances.
  4. D) In ​​any race, speed competition, or for any illegal purpose.
  5. E) To transport more people than is allowed.
  6. F) To push or tow any vehicle
  7. G) Outside Greece without the power of the lessor.
  8. H) Outside Santorini without the power of lessor
  9. I) Driving is allowed only on asphalt. Vehicles should not be driven on beach sand, dirt roads, or off-road.


Accident: In case of an accident, the tenant must inform the company as well as the police and present the police registration form on the return. In the event of an accident through the fault of our customer, he is charged with the costs of managing the accident file and the costs of repairing the damage to the vehicle.

– During the rental period, the customer assumes full responsibility to take care of the vehicle, to check its mechanical condition through the indicators, to check the oil, water, tires, and the general driving condition of the vehicle.